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General supply conditions InnovationSpotter version 2017-12-10
Use of information on InnovationSpotter


All offers, agreements and situations in which InnovationSpotter provides or supplies information owned by InnovationSpotter or third parties – be it directly, through our website or through downloads – are subject to the following:


Information is defined as all written or digital information (text, statistics & figures, images or information structures) that is provided by InnovationSpotter to third parties, be it offline or online, for personal use (private, professional or company).

Right of usage

Depending on the subscription InnovationSpotter grants the right of usage, i.e. unlimited access, processing and use of the information supplied by InnovationSpotter for professional application or business activities. This right is not exclusive or transferable to other parties.

Ownership and copyright

All information provided or supplied by InnovationSpotter to its members remains the property of Platform Economie & Ruimte, the owner of the InnovationSpotter website. The term ‘property’ includes copyright, patents, any other intellectual and/or industrial property rights and/or related rights. Users are not permitted to sell, lease, supply, lend, alienate, provide or transfer the original information of InnovationSpotter to other parties without express written permission by InnovationSpotter.

Due diligence and liability

InnovationSpotter and its information suppliers strive to compile their information to the best of their knowledge and as accurately as possible. InnovationSpotter advises its members to always check the information provided by InnovationSpotter against external sources of information. InnovationSpotter and its information suppliers do not accept any liability for possible damage as the result of activities or decisions arising from or based on information provided by InnovationSpotter.

Usage fee

For logging in on and/or for the downloading of information and/or the use of information from the InnovationSpotter computer applications the user will pay the usage fee in euros to the InnovationSpotter bank account based at Son en Breugel within the term of payment of fourteen calendar days after the start of the period of use.


InnovationSpotter strives to make the information on permanently available and digitally accessible to its members. To achieve this InnovationSpotter will make the necessary provisions that are in agreement with current practices of digital communication and information exchange, to enable and ensure access. InnovationSpotter does not accept any liability for possible damage as a result of or related to limited or no access to the information provided by InnovationSpotter. The fee for single day use is 10 euros, being the administrative charge for time for consideration (1 day).


InnovationSpotter is bound by the laws and regulations laid down in the Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens (Law for the protection of personal information). All personal data supplied to InnovationSpotter will only be used to advise its members and relations about its products and/or services in the best possible manner, or to develop new or improved products and/or services for members and relations. In specific cases InnovationSpotters reserves the right to use personal information to prevent, trace or combat illegal activities and/or criminal offences.

Termination of contract

If users deviate from these terms and conditions, or infringe on the rights of InnovationSpotter or otherwise fail to comply with their obligations, InnovationSpotter has the right to terminate its services, and its supplying or providing products or information to these users with immediate effect, and to cancel any offers and/or agreements with immediate effect.

Force majeure

If InnovationSpotter does not – or not in due time or not properly – comply with its contractual obligations due to cirumstances beyond its control, these obligations will be suspended until InnovationSpotter is again able to comply in the agreed manner. If this situations lasts for a calendar week or more, members and/or users have the right to cancel the agreement – partly or wholly and with immediate effect – in writing or through email.

Dutch law

These terms and conditions are applicable for an unspecified period of time and will come into effect from the moment members and/or users use a service of or gain access to a product of InnovationSpotter, or the moment an offer was made or agreement was concluded in this regard. The supply of services or products of InnovationSpotter or offers and/or agreements in this regard are subject to Dutch law, to the exclusion of any other law, irrespective of form and/or language used.


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