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About InnovationSpotter was created to bring together the demand & supply of innovations. It offers room for innovations in any domain or sector anywhere in the world. These may be products, services or solutions.
Our expert panel will analyse all innovations, providing a reliable assessment of their potential, risks, advantages and disadvantages, providing valuable input to companies searching for innovation.

InnovationSpotter is an initiative of Platform Economie & Ruimte.

Frequently asked questions

How do I post an innovation on InnovationSpotter?
Send a description of your innovation by completing the form ‘‘Post innovation’. InnovationSpotter will contact you about including your innovation on
As a supplier of an innovation, do I get automatic access to the complete catalogue?

No, but you can apply for membership for access to all other innovations.

Information about memberhips

What is the cost of posting my innovation on InnovationSpotter?
A posting is free.
Is it possible to apply for a trial subscription?
Yes, you become member for one month (€45,-). Your membership ends automatically after this period.
Is it possible for more than one employee to log in on the same account?
Yes it can.
Do you have more questions?

Contact InnovationSpotter or leave a message.
T: 088 091 0091

Keeping track of innovations in the InnovationCurve is really handy, because you see at once which innovation will be applicable in the near future.

Reynaldo Richter

Finding your innovation at once

Global demand & supply of innovations on a single platform

  • Quick and unlimited access
  • Multiple domains and sectors
  • Includes expert analysis
  • Analysis of profit & risks per innovation
  • Analysis of payback period
  • Direct access to suppliers/inventors

Depending on their subscription members of InnovationSpotter have full access to the innovation database for a month, a quarter or an entire year.
Try out for one month or request a viewing copy.


Access to all innovations

Try 1 month for €45,-

Logic will bring you from A to B; Imagination will take you everywhere.

Albert Einstein

The assessment of innovations from a user perspective is a real strong point. Hopefully this will be extended further

Christel Westerink

An overview, innovative and quick.

Ewout van Zantvoort

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